Information and Prices


ScanCeram 2013 Conference Registration 

September 19th-22nd, 2013

Includes:  All Exhibition Openings, Conference Lectures, Panels, Demonstrations, Presentation Opportunities, Welcome pack, Friday/Saturday Buffet Lunches, and Coffee, Tea, and Fruit throughout the conference.

Prior to June 1st, 2013

Student/65+ Conference Registration  475kr
Regular Conference Registration  950kr

One-day Conference Registration 375kr 

After June 1st, 2013 

Student/65+ Conference Registration  575kr
Regular Conference Registration  1150kr

One-day Conference Registration 425kr

ScanCeram 2013 Conference Lodging
Nights September 19th-21nd, 2013

Conference Lodging at Tolne Camping, Tolne:  

Two/Four/Six person cabins with individual beds and sheets.

Prior to June 1st, 2013:

Student Lodging 250kr (19-22.9/Own Bed, Large Shared room)
Regular Lodging 375kr (19-22.9/Own Bed, Shared room)
Single Lodging 600kr (19-22.9/Own Bed, Private room)
(If you bring your own sheets you can subtract 50 kr)

After June 1st, 2013:

Student Lodging 300kr (19-22.9/Own Bed, Shared room)
Regular Lodging 425kr (19-22.9/Own Bed, Shared room)
Single Lodging 700kr (19-22.9/Own Bed, Private room)


ScanCeram 2013 Buffet Dinner, Silent Auction and Ceramic Pechakucha
17:00 September 19th, 2013

Registration Prior to September 16th, 2013:

Thursday Evening Gala Ceramic Buffet Dinner and Ceramic Pechakucha Event 275kr

(175kr with conference registration or local residents of Tolne, Mosbjerg, Vogn, and Dvergetved.)

Three exhibition openings, followed by a three course dinner including conference presenters.  Silent Auction of Works donated by presenters and demonstrators and other items from 19:00.  Ceramic PechaKucha  Limited to 150 tickets.

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